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boci is an innovative violinist and songwriter creating astral alt-folk that centres around themes of grief, unity and the natural world. Her debut album 'we are each other, this will set us free', received support from Songlines (★★★★), BBC 6 music and BBC introducing. With two UK tours under her belt, another two booked for April 2024 and a second album to be released later in the year, boci is an exciting force in the contemporary folk scene.


boci is an innovative violinist and songwriter based in Bristol, who creates astral alt-folk using her voice and violin through ethereal electronic effects, backed by warm synths and therapeutic percussive grooves. boci uses the violin freely and expressively as another voice, through which to communicate with her audiences and fellow musicians. Her songwriting draws much inspiration from time spent in the natural world, walking alone in the mountains of Scotland, Wales and the Lake District.


'we are each other, this will set us free' (2022) was a powerfully vulnerable debut release - an album exploring the complex and universal experience of grief after loss. It communicates a deep gratitude for the solace and sense of unity found in nature. The album gained recognition from Songlines (★★★★), BBC 6 music and BBC introducing


Two UK tours in, and two more planned for 2024, boci is an exciting force on the alt-folk scene. Her second album is brewing - look out for new releases soon...




boci is a Bristol based singer-songwriter and violin looper swimming in the circles of alternative folk. Her debut album 'we are each other, this will set us free' received support from Songlines (★★★★), BBC introducing and BBC 6 music. With Northern European folk, prog-folk and alt-pop influences, boci’s astral dream-folk sound world is woven with layers of euphoric string textures, crystalline vocals, expansive synths and therapeutic percussive grooves. Her message is one of unity, connection and healing.

boci trained classically as a violinist before she began experimenting with different playing styles when she moved to Bristol at the age of 18. Her early influences include Laura Marling, Joni Mitchell and Bon Iver. Relocating from Bradford, boci fell in love with the vibrant folk scene in Bristol and her songwriting and looping became heavily influenced by the life-affirming pulse of traditional folk. After years of collaborating and playing with local artists (t l k, My Octopus Mind, Anna Anise, Natalie Holmes) she launched her solo project 'boci' in 2022. She rapidly gained a name for herself as one of the most exciting new artists emerging from the Bristol scene, and sold out The Jam Jar at the launch of her debut album. 

Now she tours as a soloist and with a 3 piece band that brings sub heavy bass, synths, tight grooves and arresting 3 part vocal harmonies. boci is set to embark on her third tour in April 2024, and will be playing festivals throughout the Summer in preparation for the release of her second album. 

from boci…


I see life as an interconnected, unified, flowing entity - every being, every form, every molecule existing in relation to everything else. Nothing and no-one is separate from this, even if they no longer exist in the form they once did. This way of looking at things has helped me through my loneliest and most hopeless times.


'we are each other, this will set us free' was a musical and lyrical manifestation of my healing journey, guided by this philosophy. It is my musical expression of the very human experiences of grief, loss, love and joy. I share with you my gratitude for life, the natural world and the gift of existence.

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