Bristol based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and movement artist boci creates folk-infused, genre-spanning songs that explore grief, love, presence and connection. boci's debut album is a mesmerising, fusionesque sound world, formed through years of collaborating, songwriting and violin-looping.



boci is a songwriter, multi instrumentalist and movement artist based in Bristol, UK. With roots in pop, classical and European folk, boci creates a mesmerising, fusionesque sound world, formed through years of collaborating, songwriting and violin-looping. boci’s debut album ‘we are each other, this will set us free’ explores and honours her experience of loss, love, loneliness, presence and connection. boci’s message is one of unity, hope and healing. 



Nature and music were a sanctuary for boci (FKA Rebecca Shelley) growing up in West Yorkshire, on the edge of the Bronte Moors. She learnt violin from the age of 4, training classically until she left school. She taught herself guitar and piano as a teenager and began writing songs. Her musical influences mainly came from listening to the radio, school friends and finding songs on YouTube that had cool artwork.


boci moved to Bristol when she was 18 and began experimenting with looping, slowly finding her place in the thriving and eclectic Bristol music scene and performing in a wide variety of musical projects (t l k, My Octopus Mind, Ellie Gowers, Antler Ceilidh Band to name a few). This has informed her genre fluid, fusionesque musical style, which embodies an 'astral alt-folk' sound, often hinting to the rhythmic and harmonic traditions of Celtic and Balkan music. 


Her debut EP ‘Long Walk’ received support from Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music), James Threlfall (BBC Introducing) and Adam Crowther (BBC Upload). After the release of three singles and two self-directed, movement-based music videos, boci released her debut album ‘we are each other, this will set us free’ on 31.08.22, recorded, produced and mastered by Bristol based recording artist Tom Campbell. The launch (at The Jam Jar, 31.08.22) was sold outBringing together her experiences of loss, presence and healing, boci hopes that her album will inspire hope, connection and unity. 


Growing up in Bradford at the edge of Bronte Moors, boci (Rebecca Shelley) had a fairly secluded and introverted childhood. She found sanctuary in nature and music at an early age. After months of watching her Brother’s violin lessons, she began learning classical violin at the age of 4. Rebecca became obsessed with pretty much any music that fell into her hands, whether that be a Destiny’s Child CD or a Linkin Park remix on her Brother’s iPod. At the age of 12, she found a guitar in a storeroom at school and began to write songs, learning chords from YouTube videos. She moved to Bristol at the age of 18 to make a living busking and gigging. During her first 3 years in Bristol, Rebecca was in a relationship with a producer and musician called Viktor Panko, who was in recovery after treatment for osteosarcoma. Viktor was re-diagnosed a year into their relationship. Buddhist/Taoist philosophy was an anchor for both of them in these times, and now provides the themes for much of Rebecca's music.


Rebecca's parents are not musicians, but her Dad has a deep love of music, particularly Purcell, Enya, Deep Purple and Jimi Hendrix! Rebecca's taste has always been similarly diverse, with teenage favourites ranging from Bombay Bicycle Club to Metallica to Ella Fitzgerald, Skrillex and Rachmaninoff. During her time in Bristol, Rebecca has performed as a violinist, looper and vocalist in a wide variety of musical projects (t l k, My Octopus Mind, Ellie Gowers to name a few) and this has informed her fusionesque musical style. After an offer from a friend interning at Abbey Road studios, she recorded and released her first EP 'Long Walk' as Rebecca Shelley, which had multiple plays on BBC 6 music. ’Downhill' became one of BBC introducing's top tracks of 2020. 


The change to alias 'boci', came from a desire to not be pigeon-holed as a traditional singer-songwriter as well as encouraging less focus on gender. 


In 2021, Rebecca met producer, engineer and musician Tom Campbell and they quickly saw that their musical tastes and ambitions were aligned. Campbell recorded, produced and mastered boci's debut album in his home studio in Bristol, allowing for a lot of experimentation and creative freedom. The presence of synths and vocal effects in the new album reflects Rebecca's vision for the album and Campbell's unique production style. boci released three singles and two self-directed movement-based music videos prior to the album release. 


The album features some of Bristol's best and most creative musicians - harpist Emmy Broughton, double bassist Liam O'Connell (My Octopus Mind), percussionist Jon Clark (Stevie Toddler band), trumpeter Alfie Grieves (Snazzback), singer-songwriters Pearl Love and Maz MacNamara. The launch (at The Jam Jar, 31.08.22) was sold out.


from boci…


I see life as an interconnected, unified, flowing entity - every being, every form, every molecule existing in relation to everything else. Nothing and no-one is separate from this, even if they no longer exist in the form they once did. This way of looking at things has helped me through my loneliest and most hopeless times.


This album is a manifestation of my healing journey, guided by this philosophy.  It's a musical translation of grief, loss, love, addiction, presence and inner transformation. Perhaps even more so, it is a celebration of life, the natural world and the gift of existence.

There's so much love in this album - I hope you feel it.

Viktor Panko died on February 17th 2020. This album is dedicated to him.

Rest in peace Viktor, your love and wisdom lives on.