Bristol based songwriter and violin looper creating folk-infused, genre-spanning music exploring grief, love, presence and connection. In her debut album 'we are each other, this will set us free', boci creates mesmerising, therapeutic, "transcendental" sound worlds. She has received support from Songlines, BBC introducing and BBC 6 music.



boci, a Bristol based violin looper and singer-songwriter released her debut album 'we are each other, this will set us free' to a sold-out audience at The Jam Jar in August 2022. The album has received support from Songlines (★★★★), BBC introducing and BBC 6 music. With Northern European folk, prog-folk, classical, alt-pop and melantronic influences, boci’s astral dream-folk sound world is woven with layers of euphoric string textures, crystalline vocals, expansive synths and therapeutic percussive grooves. Her message is one of unity, connection and healing.

from boci…


I see life as an interconnected, unified, flowing entity - every being, every form, every molecule existing in relation to everything else. Nothing and no-one is separate from this, even if they no longer exist in the form they once did. This way of looking at things has helped me through my loneliest and most hopeless times.


This album is a manifestation of my healing journey, guided by this philosophy.  It's a musical translation of grief, loss, love, addiction, presence and inner transformation. Perhaps even more so, it is a celebration of life, the natural world and the gift of existence.

There's so much love in this album - I hope you feel it.

Viktor Panko died on February 17th 2020. This album is dedicated to him.

Rest in peace Viktor, your love and wisdom lives on.