"disarmingly fresh and life affirming" (Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6)






















boci is a songwriter, multi instrumentalist and movement artist based in Bristol, UK. With roots in pop, classical and European folk, boci creates a mesmerising, fusionesque sound world, formed through years of collaborating, songwriting and violin-looping.



"I adore that sound" (Adam Crowther, BBC Upload)

boci’s debut album (and first release under boci alias)  ‘we are each other, this will set us free’ was recorded and produced by recording artist Tom Campbell and features some of Bristol's most accomplished and creative musicians (Emmy Broughton, Jon Clark, Alfie Grieves to name a few). The album explores and honours boci's experience of loss, love, loneliness, presence and connection. 


Ultimately, boci’s message is one of unity, connection and healing. 


photos by Alice Farrington (@albaroofaroo)